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Mechanical Test

The mechanical performance of a door is classified into various stress groups according to DIN EN 1192.

The “hard impact” provides information about the surface impact resistance. The quality of core and deck is the decisive factor.

For the following mechanical strains not only the door leaf’s construction but also the choice of fittings – e.g. lock, hinges and screws – is of importance.

  • The “soft impact” simulates stress caused by body impact on the door.
  • The permanent performance check proves that all door elements – glass panels, too – withstand the dynamical strain of up to 100.000 use cycles.
  • The test of withdrawal of screws and hinges is relevant to all mechanical strains.

Our mechanical testing station

A wide range of mechanical tests can be conducted in accordance with the respective standard. For example:

  • Hard impact
  • Soft impact
  • Multi-function
  • Screw and hinge withdrawal
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